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Evidence-based Production for Visual Effects 

Bulletproof Studio Tools 

Priority + Transparency = VFX Production Efficiency

Visual Effects for film and TV projects is a complex process. Bulletproof is an operations process software that improves artist workflow with advanced budgeting tools that result in streamlined communication and better resource management.

Whether you are an established VFX Supervisor or VFX Producer, a start-up VFX Studio or a Hollywood Entertainment Executive creating original content, the tool brings added transparency to creative team planning, feedback and utilization.


The comprehensive budgeting features bring accuracy for predicting overages based on change orders, easy tax credit labour cost and fringe calculations. You will never use a spreadsheet again to manage your VFX Budgets!

For 2D and 3D artists, it helps prioritize shots and streamlines feedback so that you can work on your craft and deliver an excellent outcome on-time for deliveries. 


Bulletproof Studio Tools for VFX Teams

Transparent process management for the VFX creative team with predictive budgeting to manage time and money better.

Breakdown and Bidding

Flexible bidding tools with powerful feedback loops to sharpen your estimates the more you deliver.


Camera Data is recorded on your phone or tablet, with automatically generated Daily Production Reports


Artist Focused Production

Scope of work is clearly presented to artists, along with real time prioritization of tasks.

Shot feedback is clearly presented side by side with status and budgeted time remaining. 

Reports and Dashboards

Create memos to direct production meetings, submit bids, estimates and actuals reporting.

Realtime dashboard client facing dashboards display up to the minute progress.

A proven VFX tool that makes

 the creative process up to 20% more efficient

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More Quality VFX Shots On Screen 

Bulletproof Studio Tools was created by industry experts and has been Alpha tested by artists and VFX teams for over four years.


Combining the financial management side of budgeting into the creative management of artists and shot feedback, everyone is aligned to the highest priority items and transparency in timing to complete work. 

Results have shown up to a 20% efficiency in use, allowing more budget to end up on the screen instead of in process management. 

Reduce VFX overages and late deliveries 

Connecting the budgeting process throughout production allows for instant tracking based on feedback from Studios, Directors and VFX Supervisors.


Managing the feedback loop and having reporting tools at your fingertips that tell you when to expand the team or share weekly updates to Executives, will enable you to more effectively manage your production. Deliver quality work consistently, on time and on budget and manage a more profitable studio. 

From Set, To Artists 

Our On-Set Data tools allow your VFX Team to gather as much camera information and production notes for each take as you need, via laptop, tablet or phone and are loaded directly into Bulletproof.

Takes are immediately assigned to VFX Shots but can be re-assigned when you get your EDL, so the artists have access to everything that happened on the day.


Built on 30 Years of VFX experience  

A collaboration between art and science.

Bulletproof Studio Tools Founder, and Award-Winning VFX Supervisor, John Gajdecki, began evolving away from MS Excel into database management of his VFX projects over 20 years ago. The "Database" as it was known for many years became easier to scale as database platforms became more user friendly.


The "Database" was renamed "Bulletproof" and has been used on over ten Hollywood productions.

Realizing that working with Artists is the core of any VFX team, John created the tool for himself to better manage projects and to communicate more effectively with VFX artists, Producers and Studio Executives.

If you are interested in being a Beta tester please contact John Gajdecki at the form below. Indicate if you are a VFX Supervisor, VFX Studio owner or Entertainment Studio.  



2020 New Ventures BC Competition participant.


What People are Saying

VFX Team User feedback for Bulletproof Studio Tools

“I've never worked in a database in our industry with the depth of financial reporting tools - the big picture integration for the producers….

Gillian, VFX Producer

“..definitely helps me to keep my deliveries in order, I don’t think we could do the shows without it….it helps me see at a glance how much progress is being made daily..."

Chris, VFX Editor & Artist


Connect with Bulletproof Studio Tools 

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Drop us a line if you're interested in learning more about how Bulletproof can make your production more efficient or if you want to be considered for the next Beta release. 

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